On Premise.  Hosted.  Managed.  Mobility. BYOD. Unified Communications. VoWiFi. Telepresence.  How you communicate has changed greatly with more choice than ever.  How do you decide what is right for your company?  What is most important? Features, function, security, lowering operational costs?  Eliminating capital expenditures?  What solution is right for your company?  TelData will help you sort through all of the options to design and implement a system that exceeds your requirements while being budget friendly.  No matter what your needs, TelData has a solution that is right for you.





Our Process


From our initial meeting to project conclusion, our goal is to help you transition to technologies that make you more efficient and increase productivity while lowering your operational expenses.  TelData will examine your whole operation and provide easily understandable recommendations to integrate and streamline all of your IT, network infrastructure, enterprise architecture, records management, and communications (voice, video, data, Internet and security) needs.  All of this can be done without impacting your capital expenditures budget.

We have done this for over 25 years for thousands of commercial, local, state, and federal government customers including  ACT College, City of Alexandria, CSC, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Interior, Ellin & Tucker, General Dynamics, Mercedes Benz USA, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Smithsonian Institution, Sparks Personnel, State of Maryland, Toll Brothers, Verizon...

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